DOT Vehicle Update or Verification Information

The Village learned that the DOT is about 2 years out on developing software to properly register all of our personal vehicles to our GIS addresses. This is important because if you have a zip code that defaults to Green Bay, WI, you may end up paying the City of Green Bay wheel tax if implemented, even if you don’t live within the boundaries of the City of Green Bay. All vehicles registered to the City of Green Bay will be the wheel tax if the tax is implemented by the City.
You can check and update your address by going to:
Click on the Wisconsin License plate in the middle of the page that says “Start Now”
Enter the requested personal identification then click next. It will then state your address on file with the DOT. There is a box to check if you want to “set all vehicles to this location” with boxes that show the county and community. Below this is the current info on file.
For example, if you live in the Village and it says “Ashwaubenon (v)” then your info is correct. However, if you live in the Village (or some other community other than Green Bay) it may say current Vehicle Info box “Green Bay (c)”. If you don’t live in the City of Green Bay, this is not correct. You need to change it.