Liquor Licensing

Many of the items below need to go before the Public Works and Protection Committee and Village Board. Depending on the time of submittal this could take a month or two to get approval. Please call the Clerk’s Office at (920)492-2302 to check on a timeline.

Change of Premise (whether its permanent or temporary) submit to the Clerk’s Office a letter describing what the plan is and a map showing the area.

For a Change of Agent 

For an Operator/Bartender License

For an Original Alcohol Beverage License Application

For a Renewal Alcohol Beverage License Application (Due April 15 every year)

Application for Temporary Class "B" / "Class B" Retailer's License

Tobacco License Application

Information for Wisconsin Alcohol Beverage and Tobacco Retailers
Chapter 3: Alcohol Beverages - Ashwaubenon Municipal Code