Community Development Authority (CDA)

The Community Development Authority (CDA) shall consist of seven members. The members shall be the village president, two village trustees who shall be appointed annually and four citizens of the village for staggered terms of four years. The powers and duties of the CDA are prescribed in Wis. Stats., Chapter 66.1335(1).  This committee typically meets on the first Tuesday of each month at Noon at Village Hall.

Upcoming Meetings


  • Mary Kardoskee (Chairperson) - President
  • Gary Paul - Trustee
  • Chris Atkinson - Trustee
  • Keith Lucius - Term Expires 2026
  • Brian VanDeKreeke - Term Expires 2025
  • James Christensen Jr. - Term Expires 2025
  • Bruce Enke - Term Expires 2024