Village Strategic Plan

A strategic plan is a top-level planning tool for an organization to establish clear policy direction over all operational aspects of its vision.  The Strategic Plan serves as a framework for decision making over a five-year period.  The plan is the result of a disciplined effort to facilitate decisions that will shape what the Village intends to accomplish.  This plan incorporated an assessment of the present state of Village governance, the gathering of critical information, setting goals and finally making decisions for the future.  This plan seeks to strengthen and build upon opportunities while addressing areas of concern.

In addition to the Village Board’s vision for the future of the Village, this plan also identifies actions, activities, and planning efforts that are currently active and those that are needed for continued operational success and effective administrative management.

Our Mission

“Deliver superior services for all, making Ashwaubenon a community of choice to live, work, and play."

Our Guiding Core Values

The following values reflect our beliefs about the roles and responsibilities of our organization:

Act with PROFESSIONALISM | We uphold the high standards, skills, competence, and integrity of our individual position within the organization and community.

Support collaborative TEAMWORK | We work together effectively as a team and collaborate with other governmental agencies, private entities, and community partners.

Be DRIVEN towards success | We establish community-minded goals, measure our performance, and report to the public on our success in meeting those goals.

Focus on quality SERVICE | We understand the services we provide are vital to community well-being, and the value of the service depends on the quality of the individual's experience.

Seek improvement through INNOVATION | We are visionary, creative, learn from experience, and seek new and efficient ways to solve problems and serve the public.

Have FUN through work | We strive to make our work fulfilling and exciting.  We appreciate being part of a family of public servants who enjoy making a difference in our community.

Our Vision

"Ashwaubenon will be an inclusive, attractive, and award-winning community featuring safe neighborhoods, thriving businesses, and exciting cultural opportunities."

Strategic Directives

Looking forward, we will create our vision by six primary strategic directives:

  • Enhance our quality of life.
  • Secure public health & safety.
  • Improve & maintain our public infrastructure & facilities.
  • Support community & economic development.
  • Strive for organizational & financial excellence.
  • Provide effective communication & engagement.

Each directive is where we’ll focus energy and resources to achieve our vision for the future. They specifically address key issues, opportunities and desires that affect the community.  Each directive is ultimately accompanied with an identified goal.  Each goal is a broad, value-based statement expressing our preferences for the term of this plan.  Each directive is followed with key initiatives.  The stated initiatives are concise statements associated with each directive; describing what we’ll do to achieve our vision.  Action steps or tasks have also been identified in the plan document.  These actions are specific steps on how we’ll achieve the related initiative.

Village of Ashwaubenon Strategic Plan 2021-2025