Zoning Board of Appeals

The zoning board of appeals shall consist of five citizen members and two alternates who are citizens of the village, appointed to staggered terms of three years by the village president and subject to confirmation by the village board. The village board shall designate one of the members as chair. The board may elect a vice-chair and designate a recording secretary.  Meetings of the zoning board of appeals shall be held as needed at the call of the chair at Village Hall.  Typically the meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month.

Upcoming Meetings


  • Dennis Persick (Chairman) - Term Expires 2025
  • Karen Hansen - Term Expires 2024
  • Lee Mueller - Term Expires 2024
  • Mark Castonia - Term Expires 2026
  • Jim Christensen, Jr. - Term Expires 2025
  • Vacant (Alternate I) - Term Expires 2025
  • Vacant (Alternate II) - Term Expires 2025