Turkey FAQ's

  • The Ashwaubenon Deer Management Committee will soon be meeting to discuss turkey management in the Village of Ashwaubenon. This is a result of increased turkey sightings and concerns by residents.
  • These are not your docile “Thanksgiving eating” turkeys. Depending on the time of year, wild turkeys can be aggressive to humans. In most instances however, they can be shooed away.  Please take a look at the posted link from the Humane Society about non-lethal ways to move turkeys along.
  • Turkeys can peck at windows or car mirrors when they see their reflection. This would explain the occasional turkey breaking through a glass window…..they are challenging what they perceive to be a threat (not knowing it is their reflection).
  • If confronted by a turkey, try and stand your ground. Do not turn your back or run away from a turkey. If you run away, the turkey will then feel they have dominance over you and possible try and peck at you.
  • Turkeys are protected in Wisconsin. They cannot be hunted except during a specific turkey hunting season.  We are checking with the Wisconsin DNR to see if ACT 71 also pertains to turkeys.  If so, you may be able to hunt turkeys (bow & arrow; crossbow) within Village boundaries during turkey hunting seasons with the proper turkey tag.