Village Arboretums

Sherwood Forest Evergreen Arboretum

Come walk through an arboretum devoted exclusively to evergreen trees.  Created in 1998 with trees dug from the Village's nursery, this 4 acre section of Sherwood Forest was transformed from an under utilized vacant field to a maintained Village park.  Over 30 species have been planted in the Arboretum, including both native and non-native species.  Each tree is marked with identification markers that contain valuable information about the tree.  Signs identify the common and scientific names, size, habit of growth, and other interesting information and about each tree or shrub.

You can enter the Arboretum from Smithville Road or Shady Lane with parking available on the street

Hidden Valley Arboretum

The Hidden Valley Arboretum located within Hidden Valley Park is the place to learn about their differences.  What once was a large vacant field near Schneider National's Corporate office at the corner of Packerland Drive and Waube Lane, is now a dynamic collection of over 70 varieties/cultivars of deciduous trees suitable for growing in our area.  Each tree is tagged with identification information providing common and scientific names, cultivars or variety, and family.

Parking is available in a lot located off Waube Lane and is connected to the Arboretum by a gravel walking path and sidewalk along Waube Lane.

Private donations and community service are always welcome to help expand our current plantings at both Arboretums.  Please contact the Parks, Recreation & Forestry office for more details.