Street Tree Planting

In the spring of 1999, the Village re-initiated its Neighborhood Street Tree Planting Program to promote the benefits of tree lined streets.  The program is a cost sharing partnership between the Village and its residents to encourage tree planting within our community.   Residents pay the cost of the tree, while installation, maintenance and warranty will be the Village's responsibility.  A selection of appropriate species will be offered to residents each fall, while the final selection and location of each tree is made by the Village Forester.

For greater visual enhancement, aesthetics, and lower maintenance cost, it is preferred that blocks be planted with the same or similar species in accordance with our Village Arboricultural Specifications Manual.  Prices are $100 for a 1 3/4" - 2" tree.  Please call the Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry office by September 1 to be included in our fall tree planting projects.  Residents are also allowed to plant street trees on their own, however a Street Tree Planting Application must be filled out by the applicant and approved by the Village Forester prior to any work being started.

The Village's Street Tree Planting Information Packet contains information about appropriate species for planting in Northeastern Wisconsin.  Information on height, spread, growth rate, and hardiness zone on over 35 species is provided.  Further information on woody landscape plants can be found on the following recommended websites.