Second / Deduct Meter Information

A second meter, also known as a deduct meter, is used to measure clear water not being discharged into the sanitary sewer system. The purpose of the meter is to measure the number of gallons of water that should not have a sewer charge. The effect is to reduce your sewer bill. However, there are charges relating to the second meter.

Second meters have a quarterly charge based on meter size.

Meter Size Quarterly Charge
5/8" $24.81
3/4" $24.81
1" $39.00
1 1/4" $52.00
1 1/2" $65.00
2" $97.00
3" $150.00
4" $205.00

The quarterly meter charge DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY PLUMBING COSTS to adapt your present piping to allow for the meter. Any necessary changes must be completed at your expense prior to installation. The plumbing must be inspected.

This will be billed every quarter, regardless of usage, until the meter is removed.