High Water Usage Questionnaire & Recommendations

The home owner should try the following list of actions before calling the Ashwaubenon Utility. 

  1. Place a few drops of food coloring in the tanks of your toilets and check for any color change in the bowl one hour later. If the color has leaked from the tank into the bowl, then adjust or fix your toilet flushing system mechanism by calling a plumber or other knowledgeable person. Is there color?  Yes / No

  2. Check all inside/outside faucets for any leaks. Even a periodic drop can add up to a measurable difference over a three month period. Are there any leaking faucets?  Yes / No

  3. Did the number of people living in your house change during the billing time period?  Yes / No

  4. Did you install a new water using appliance such as a dishwasher or different washing machine?  Yes / No

  5. Did you install a whole house humidifier such as an aprilaire humidifier? Yes / No

  6. Is there a possible issue with the water softener system? Might there be a valve not working properly? Is it regenerating all the time?  Yes / No

  7. Did you water your lawn, or wash vehicles frequently during the billing cycle? Was there outside usage?  Yes / No
  1. Do you have a water powered back up sump pump system?  Yes / No

  2. Turn off all water valves in your house and do not use any water during the following test period! Locate your meter in the house; it is usually in the basement. Write down the reading off the meter. For the next 30 minutes, do not run any water in the house. After 30 minutes, check the meter again. Did the reading change? Yes / No

If ALL of the above answers are “no”, then please call the Ashwaubenon Utility for further assistance 920.492.2335.