Sewer Back-Up Information

The Village has determined that there are certain areas within the Village of Ashwaubenon that are prone or more susceptible to sanitary sewer backups.  In some cases there may be problems with the Village's infrastructure, and in some cases, there are what we would call, acts of God, or things that cannot be prevented from the Village's perspective.

When such a sewer backup does occur that is not of the negligence of the Village of Ashwaubenon, the Village's carrier does not cover the cost associated with restoration, rehabilitation and clean up of such incidents, accidents or occurrences.  With that, it behooves the resident to have one of the two, or both of the following scenarios in place.

  1. Acquisition and possession of homeowners insurance that includes coverage for sanitary sewer backup situations.
  2. A Backwater Valve, which prevents sanitary sewer backups from occurring from the sewer system outside of the residence.

These are two ways in which citizens may be able to limit their liability and provide dollars for cleanup and coverages, should such a situation develop.  The Village hereby urges you to check into both of theses options as it relates to providing assurances that you have taken appropriate safeguards with your home residence and basement.

The Village of Ashwaubenon strives to minimize these situations from a Village perspective and we conduct routine regular maintenance of our lines and sanitary sewer infrastructure.  However, there are times when excessively heavy precipitation or infrastructure obstructions occur that cause such backups.  Your attention to these two recommendations would most assuredly be in order to provide the safeguards for your residence, family and possessions.

If you have any questions on this matter, please feel free to contact Al Farvour, Utility Operations Supervisor.