Quarantined Counties in Wisconsin

Upon confirmation of an EAB find, the Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) will quarantine the county to restrict the transport and movement of wood products.  Currently, this means hardwood firewood that has been stored, purchased, or harvested in Brown County (or any of the other quarantined counties) may not be moved out of these quarantined area. 

“Anything that could transport a life stage of the beetle is going to be under quarantine,” said Bob Dahl, DATCP’s chief regulator. “Firewood is our main concern when it comes to EAB.”  Firewood can harbor many different kinds of invasive pests and diseases that are harmful to Wisconsin's trees.  Pests make their way into previously unaffected areas and pose a serious threat to trees throughout the state.

Hardwood firewood, or ash material such as logs, mulch or nursery stock can be moved into or within the quarantined areas without penalty, but overall, firewood movement is a bad idea. Many invasive forest pests and diseases are inadvertently transported on firewood.

WI-DNR also restricts firewood movement onto WI-DNR managed properties to prevent the spread of EAB to Wisconsin forests and recreational areas. Please consult the WI-DNR website for the latest rules and information related to State owned lands.

Previously, the EAB quarantine in Wisconsin was determined on a county-by-county basis.  However, as of March 30, 2018, the entire state has been placed under quarantineDark gray areas are tribal lands that are quarantined. Light gray areas are not quarantined (Source: WI-DATCP).  An interactive map showing Wisconsin municipalities with known EAB infestations can be found here. For additional details of the EAB quarantines in Wisconsin, visit the Wisconsin DATCP EAB website.