Property Line Information

The Village of Ashwaubenon property line information is limited to lot dimensions only.  If you wish to find your lot dimensions, please visit the County's GIS mapping application, BrownDog. The Public Works Department does not have surveys showing your private property lines.  Village staff cannot come to your house to locate your property line or take sides in a dispute over a private property line.  Property line disputes between property owners are a legal issue and are not regulated by Village Ordinances.

Contract a Licensed Land Surveyor for professional service in locating your property line and/or an attorney for legal advice regarding your rights as a property owner. Also, find out if complaints have been filed against a contractor/surveyor before you hire them. Contact the Wisconsin Consumer Protection Agency 800.422.7128, and / or the Better Business Bureau 800.273.1002 for more information.

All information is general in nature and should not be considered as legal advice or as a substitute for a survey.