Electronics Disposal

Ban on Electronics Disposal Beginning September 1, 2010, all Wisconsin residents, were required to abide by the Wisconsin Electronics Recycling Law. Wisconsin residents are prohibited from disposing of certain electronics in landfills or incinerators. While a fee may still be imposed by collectors or recyclers for the recycling of the electronic device, this law was designed to make recycling easier and more convenient statewide, especially in rural areas.

A full list of manufacturers who have signed onto the program as well as electronic devices covered under this law is available at the WDNR website. Also, many retailers in Wisconsin already collect electronics for proper disposal. In the Green Bay/Brown County area, the Brown County Household Hazardous Waste Facility, as well as Best Buy, Milwaukee PC and Lamp Recyclers, Inc. are registered collectors that accept electronics for recycling. 

As a note, some of these collectors may charge a fee for some or all of the types of electronics accepted under this program. 

The DNR maintains lists of registered collectors and recyclers to help you find convenient recycling options. Community recycling programs and retailers can also provide information on how to recycle electronics covered under E-Cycle Wisconsin. For more information on E-Cycle Wisconsin visit the WDNR website.