Single Stream Recycling

Single stream recycling allows you to put all your recyclable materials into one cart or bin. Paper, glass, steel, aluminum, plastic, cardboard, etc. can be placed into the same bin. No need to separate anything! You still need to rinse your containers and cut your cardboard to size.

Recyclable plastic, glass, tin/steel cans and aluminum can be placed curbside in a designated recycling curbside cart.  Containers should be rinsed to remove all product from the container. Remove all caps and lids. Plastic caps can be placed in the trash. Metal lids can go into the recycling bin. Flatten boxes to save space and cut down large pieces of cardboard to 3' x 3'.

We are able to recycle many things in Brown County. For more information contact Brown County Resource & Recovery at 920.492.4950 or check out the:

Want to know what you need to recycle vs. what can go in your regular garbage bin? Use the Waste Wizard application from Tri-County Recycling.