TDS Metrocom Fiber-Optic Construction Within the Village of Ashwaubenon

Over the last 2 years, TDS Metrocom (TDS) has been constructing a fiber-optic network for internet, TV or phone service in the Green Bay area. While this fiber-optic construction is not associated with the Village, nor is it a Village project, TDS does have to submit permits to the Village for approval to work within the road right-of-way.

With the information provided in these permits, the Village wanted to pass along as much information it can about this project so that our residents and businesses are informed of the upcoming work and also wanted to provide the appropriate contacts should any questions or issues arise during this project.

Past Project Locations

The Village has reviewed and issued permit approval for 10 underground fiber optic construction projects in the Village of Ashwaubenon. As future permits are reviewed and issued over the coming months, check back in with the Village website to get the latest project area listings. Included below are the links showing the portions of the Village with past project areas.

Project #1 (Target Store Project Area)

Project #2 (Valley View School Project Area)

Project #3 (Echo Lane Project Area)

Project #4 (Cormier School Project Area)

Project #5 (Green Bay Area)

Project #6 (Anderson Drive)

Project #7 (Crary Street Area)

Project #8 (Emir Street Project Area)

Project #9 (View Lane West Project Area)

Project #10 (Shady Lane North Project Area)

Current Project Locations

Project #11 (Titletown Area)

Project #12 (Lambeau Area) 

TDS and Tilson have also provided an interactive link by which interested parties can access the link to get the latest information on the work occurring near their property.

Project Contacts

TDS is working with their utility contractor, Tilson, in completing the underground fiber optic work within the Village of Ashwaubenon. TDS and Tilson will be mailing informational brochures and post cards as well as attaching door-hangers in advance of starting their work. This will provide a brief summary of the work as well as contacts should there be any questions.

For any questions or concerns with respect to the work being performed by TDS or Tilson, please email This will enable TDS to take proactive measures in promptly addressing the concerns of the affected residents. Or, feel free to call their 24-hour construction hotline at 1-855-259-8576 or visit their website at

Restoration and Cleanup

A separate cleanup crew will be through construction areas 3-4 weeks after installation is complete to fill and level any holes, apply topsoil and seed, and add netting and straw to keep the seed in place. The property owner is responsible for watering any affected areas. Weather conditions may affect the restored areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

As is typical with a project of this nature, questions may arise of a similar nature from many property owners. As the Village hears of these questions, we’ll post the questions and answers here for the benefit of all.

  • What is the purpose of the Diggers Hotline flags in my yard? In advance of any work taking place in an area, Diggers Hotline locates are required to be called in by the contractor performing the work.  The purpose of these locates is to show the contractor the existing utilities already located underground so that damaged to the existing utilities can be avoided.  Diggers Hotline