Failure to Pay Forfeitures

The alternative or back-end sentence for failure to pay was provided on the Defendant's Notice of Judgment. The Defendant’s Notice of Judgment was given to you at your initial appearance, mailed to you after your pretrial conference, or given to you at trial. This notice also was mailed to you if you failed to appear for your initial appearance with our default letter. If you fail to pay the forfeiture assessed against you, the court may send you to jail and/or may suspend your driving privileges.

If there is a suspension of your driver's license and/or ability to obtain a driver's license, you must first pay the forfeiture. After the forfeiture is paid, the court will notify the DMV to lift the suspension. Within 48 hours you will be allowed to reinstate your driver’s license. You will not be valid until you pay the reinstatement fee of $60.00.

You can reinstate your driver’s license by either going to your local DMV center in person or online at:

If you fail to pay your forfeiture and jail is the alternative sentence, you will receive a Summons by mail to appear at a Non-Compliance Hearing. If you appear at this hearing, you may be placed on a payment plan. This is where the partial payments are important. If you fail to appear at this hearing, a Writ of Commitment will be issued for your arrest.

In addition to enforcing the alternative or back-end sentence, we will also attempt to tax intercept the money owed to us from your State taxes via the Tax Refund Intercept Program otherwise known as "TRIP" and/or SDC (State Debt Collection) program. This program allows us to certify your debt with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. The debt will remain certified to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue until it is paid in full.