Storm Sewer Lateral Responsibility

The Ashwaubenon Public Works and Engineering Department will occasionally receive calls asking where the line of responsibility is drawn in terms of repairs to storm sewer/sump pump laterals and backyard storm sewer lines (“mini-sewers”). The following is an explanation of the Villages’ policy. As always, feel free to contact the Ashwaubenon Public Works and Engineering Department if we could be of any further assistance. We can be reached at 920.492.2308 or

Sump Pump Laterals

If the sump pump lateral between your home/business and the property line clogs, leaks, or breaks, the responsibility for the repairs to the lateral lies with the home or business owner. If the clog, leak or break occurs between the property line and the storm sewer main in the street, the responsibility for the repairs to the lateral lies with the Village.

Backyard/Side-yard Storm Sewer Lines

When these lines were installed, it was agreed upon by the homeowners that the responsibility to maintain, clean and repair these lines would be the homeowners, working in cooperation with their neighbors. This Policy still applies. The Village will aid in locating these lines, and if possible, assist in formulating a plan to remedy any problems. If easements are recorded where these lines exist, the Village may be able to assist further